• The Military Precision of Mira Mesa High School’s Drill Team

The Military Precision of Mira Mesa High School’s Drill Team (2009)

The routine in the above video features the drill team from Mira Mesa High School (San Diego, CA) and earned them the title of National Champions and High-Point Military Sweepstakes winners at the 2009 Miss Dance Drill Team USA Nationals & Pageant. Check out the creative floor patterns and clean line work and arm angles! Now, I’m not typically a fan of this style of military dance. But Mira Mesa does a great job of selling this routine. The uniformity is spot on (only a couple “out of steps” could be found amidst the army of marching girls). […]

  • Tarzan Makes An Appearance In Victoria, Texas

Tarzan Makes An Appearance In Victoria, Texas

So there once was an amazing dance drill team known as the Victoriadores . They were once a powerful force to be reckoned with in the high school dance team circuit, and now they are no longer even relevant… thanks to the actions of the Victoria Independent School District (Victoria, TX). While politics may have divided the Victoriadores school campus twice in the last 10 years, and recently removed their renowned director, DJ Jaynes, the memory of the Victoriadores legacy will live onin the hearts and minds of all those girls who were once lucky to call themselves Victoriadores… […]

  • The Legacy of the Brainerd Kixters

The Legacy of the Brainerd Kixters

So this is my first post on the Brainerd High School Kixters (Brainerd, MN). Now for those of you who don’t know anything about high school dance team competitions in Minnesota, what you need to understand is that the two main divisions that teams compete in are Kick and Jazz. Back in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s, one team basically defined the Kick division for everyone else… That team is Brainerd. Nowadays, there are many high school dance teams who can outperform Brainerd. But this is merely due to what Brainerd’s success did back when they dominated this division. Basically, they taught everyone else what was needed in order to win: endurance, showmanship, difficult formation transitions, kick variety, kick height, and kick technique. […]

Hey High School Dancers! Send In Your Halftime Field Show Videos!

Is your dance team performing a cool dance routine for your high school’s football game halftime festivities? Well upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox and send us the link!  DanceTeamNews.com will share the most entertaining performances […]

  • Glendale Co-Ed Hip Hop Gets TRON-ized

Glendale’s Co-Ed Hip Hop Gets TRON-ized

Okay, so I saw this routine live at a regional competition. But the video you see here is of Glendale High School Drill Team’s (Glendale, CA) “TRON” themed co-ed hip hop routine from the 2010 competition season, as performed at the United Spirit Association Dance/Drill Nationals that same year. This routine was so darn clean…. and […]

  • Mt. Rainier High School Drill Team Never Fails To Impress

Mt. Rainier High School Drill Team Never Fails To Impress

Being a California native, I have never really thought much about Washington State dance-drill teams until very recently. The first team to really draw my attention was the drill team from Mt. Rainier High School (Des Moines, WA). When competing a small military routine, everything needs to be extremely clean and formations absolutely MUST be creative enough to maintain the judges interest, as there are only so many formations that you can assemble into with a small amount of performers… […]

  • A Bounty of Grande Battement Kicks… En Pointe!

A Bounty of Grande Battement Kicks… En Pointe!

Meet the Bountiful High School “Mandonelles” from Utah. This high school dance drill team is probably one of the best in the world when it comes to dance technique. Take a look at this stunning competition kick routine which earned them the title of State champions in 2010. Yes… those are ballet pointe shoes they are wearing… This was the first time they competed a kick dance with pointe shoes…. and from what I know they have kept up the tradition of doing it ever since. […]

  • alhambra high school drill team show routine 1994

For Me… What Started It All… ALHAMBRA!

So I am dedicating this first post to the dance program that caught my eye back in college.
A friend of mine showed me a video recording of a performance that she participated in during her high school years, where she was the captain of her dance-drill team at Alhambra High School (Alhambra, CA).

I was blown away by this video, which features Alhambra High School’s world famous dance-drill team performing their Aztec-themed competition halftime show production at the 1994 Miss Dance Drill Team USA Pageant Nationals, which took place in Long Beach, CA at the time of this recording. Prepare to be blown away… AND YES… this is a high school team y’all! […]